I can usually make myself feel happy on demand, which is great because I’m nearly always happy.

However, there are also problems that come with being able to change your emotions too easily. When something negative happens to me the easiest way for me to stop feeling negative emotions is often to literally just stop feeling negative emotions. If I don’t succeed in doing something I really wanted, the easiest way for me to stop feeling bad or guilty is to just feel happy instead. Didn’t finish that paper I really wanted to finish? It’s okay, I can just make the guilt vanish instantaneously!

Of course, this is terrible because it prevents me from actually reflecting on the problem and taking actionable steps to improve. So, what I do is to force myself to ensure that I’ve made actionable changes and only allow myself to stop feeling the negative emotions after that.

This is very similar to the “wireheading” problem in AI. If you think of emotions as the reward function, gaining emotional control suddenly makes you vulnerable to wireheading. Be careful!