Tired of seeing ugly urls like this? ?utm_source=google &utm_medium=email &utm_term=baby%20unicorns &utm_content=logolink &utm_campaign=aug14sale

What if we could make it better? ?utm_source=YO%20MAMA &utm_medium=YO%20MAMA &utm_term=YO%20MAMA &utm_content=YO%20MAMA &utm_campaign=YO%20MAMA

Introducing Fuck UTM.

A chrome extension that automatically replaces any UTM referral tracking parameters in links you click with YO MAMA.

Thanks for downloading! Try it out: utm_source=google &utm_medium=email &utm_term=baby%20unicorns &utm_content=logolink &utm_campaign=aug14sale


This extension was made by Smitha Milli for the lulz. But forreal, we seriously *still* use referral parameters in urls nowadays?

Views the code and caveats on Github


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