Choosing the Right Weights: Balancing Value, Strategy, and Noise in Recommender Systems
Smitha Milli, Emma Pierson, Nikhil Garg. 2023.
[draft paper]

Engagement, User Satisfaction, and the Amplification of Divisive Content on Social Media
Smitha Milli, Micah Carroll, Yike Wang, Sashrika Pandey, Sebastian Zhao, Anca Dragan. 2023.
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Causal Inference Struggles with Agency on Online Platforms
Smitha Milli, Luca Belli, Moritz Hardt. FaccT 2022.

A rational reinterpretation of dual-process theories
Smitha Milli, Falk Lieder, Thomas L. Griffiths. Cognition 2021.

From Optimizing Engagement to Measuring Value
Smitha Milli, Luca Belli, Moritz Hardt. FaccT 2021.
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Reward-rational (implicit) choice: A unifying formalism for reward learning
Hong Jun Jeon*, Smitha Milli*, Anca Dragan. NeurIPS 2020.

Strategic Classification is Causal Modeling in Disguise.
John Miller, Smitha Milli, Moritz Hardt. ICML 2020.

Value-laden Disciplinary Shifts in Machine Learning
Ravit Dotan and Smitha Milli. FAT* 2020.
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Literal or Pedagogic Human? Analyzing Human Model Misspecification in Objective Learning
Smitha Milli and Anca D. Dragan. UAI 2019.
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The Social Cost of Strategic Classification
Smitha Milli, John Miller, Anca D. Dragan, and Moritz Hardt. FAT* 2019.
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Model Reconstruction from Model Explanations
Smitha Milli, Ludwig Schmidt, Anca D. Dragan, and Moritz Hardt. FAT* 2019.
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Inverse Reward Design
Dylan Hadfield-Menell, Smitha Milli, Stuart Russell, Pieter Abbeel, and Anca Dragan. NIPS 2017.

Should Robots Be Obedient?
Smitha Milli, Dylan Hadfield-Menell, Anca Dragan, and Stuart Russell. IJCAI 2017.
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When Does Bounded-Optimal Metareasoning Favor Few Cognitive Systems?
Smitha Milli, Falk Lieder, and Thomas L. Griffiths. AAAI 2017.

Beyond Canonical Texts: A Computational Analysis of Fanfiction
Smitha Milli and David Bamman. EMNLP 2016.
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Augmenting Course Material with Open Access Textbooks
Smitha Milli and Marti A. Hearst. Building Educational Applications Workshop, NAACL 2016.